Paintball2 is a multiplayer online first shooter game
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Paintball2 is a multiplayer online first shooter game.
This game is based on paintball sport where the players are divided in two teams, with the goal of capturing the flag avoiding shoots from the opposite team with paint balls. Before to play it’s necessary to create a profile and register it on the website.
It provides different setup screens to provide good features during the game. So you can configure video, sound and layout options for a better environment during the game; also it allows configuring the multiplayer options like network speed, gender, skins, maps, and other features needed when you play online; game controls can be also changed according to the player preferences.

To start playing, you should start a new game and the program allows to set up the information and environment like the host name, scenario to play, maximum number of players and more. On its website there are third party maps, sample maps and map editors available for download.
On the other side, you can join a game among the list of available hosts.
Its GUI is very easy and friendly to user. The game controls can be changed or adjusted.
Paintball2 runs in Windows and Linux platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Great graphics and nice GUI.
  • Provides environments (maps) for the scenarios


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